Certified Computer Technician - Hardware & Software Cleaning (Oshkosh & surrounding area)

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offered in person
In or out calls. I can come to you, or you can come to me. Whatever works best for you.

Serving the Fox Valley and surrounding areas. Small travel fees assessed based on round trip mileage at the rate of $1/mile based on single mile distance from my location.

24 years of professional experience. I will never talk down to you about what you do or do not know. Part of being a professional is being an effective communicator and realizing we all started at some point.

Thorough Hardware & Software Cleaning

If you have had your system 2 or more years it is likely due to be thoroughly cleaned. Dust can build up and block airflow in your system. If you used compressed air and the environment your computer is in, is relatively dust free, then you may get by with 3 years before needing a professional cleaning to maintain your system. However, even this only gets some of the dust that blocks airflow. Forced air, heavy dust, smoking, eating or pets near a computer can create problems that if not taken care of will slow your system, create over heating and potentially other problems.

Other regular maintenance like new thermal paste on your CPU and GPU as well as a new CMOS battery can head off problems before they begin. A thorough cleaning of your system every few years is like a tune up for your vehicle. It is designed to keep it running well, head off problems before they become an issue, make sure your data is as secure as possible.

Desktops - $80 (Regularly $100)
Laptops - $100 (Regularly $120)

-full disassemble & cleaning
-full hardware testing
-upgrade recommendations (for best performance)
-cable and air management
-BIOS & firmware updates
-new Energizer motherboard battery
-new Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste (#1 industry product)

-virus scan and removal (system must be accessible, advanced removal is additional)
-update drivers
-assess and patch any software vulnerabilities
-remove unused cache files
-system defragmentation
-proprietary system optimization (makes your system run faster and more secure)

I have over 25 years of professional experience in the IT field. Offering services to small businesses and individuals alike. References are available upon request for businesses. I have worked with architectural firms, government agencies, super markets, convenience stores, bars, hotels and many other types of businesses in new systems, upgrades, repairs and troubleshooting. I hold many certifications, but have been taught by industry professionals and self taught since I was 11 years old. My first job at 12 was working with an architect who designed his own CAD machines. Where I learned CAD software and how to build specialized computer systems. As well as being very self taught over the years as well.

All makes, all models.
(Asus, HP, Dell, MSI, Sony, Lenovo, Intel, LG, Gigabyte, Samsung, Razer, Corsair, Bee-link, Minis Forum, ASRock, Zotec, Acer, Toshiba, CyberpowerPC, ABS, Velocity Micro and more...)
Custom built computers/servers.
Windows & Linux (sorry no Macs)

Here is a list of some services I offer for individuals:

Boutique System Builds
Custom Built Desktops
Customized Laptops
Refurbished Desktops & Laptops
Basic/advanced diagnostics
Desktop/laptop cleaning
BIOS/firmware/driver updates
Virus removal
Computer tune ups (software & hardware)
Registry cleaning
Hard drive clones (complete backup)
Desktop/laptop upgrades (hardware/software)
Custom cooling (air/water/phase change/oil submersion)
Wireless network setup
Wireless NAS*/printer setup (*Network Area Storage - a hard drive you can access from any computer on your network)
Firewall setup
Data recovery (Hard drive must still be in tact.)

Call Jeremiah @ 920-750-8984
Conveniently located on the north side of Oshkosh near Jackson and Snell.

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