Family Seeking Apartment in July (Lake Winnebago Area)

We are a family of 4 looking to rent in Wisconsin starting the first week of July. We will be moving from Idaho and will need a rental to move into as soon as we arrive.

Ideally we are looking for a minimum of 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms is ideal, but we can manage with 1.

We have six cats and one small dog. We're aware that this is a lot of pets, but we have good history with prior landlords and have taken care of the properties we've rented in the past. We can get a recommendation to you if needed.

We have good working history and can provide credit checks if necessary. If you have a property sooner than July 1st, we are willing to rent in advance before arriving in Wisconsin, just to ensure we have a place ready to move into.

The highest we can go is $1600/mo, including any pet fees but not including services or electricity. Ideally, we would like a location in Fond du Lac, but we're willing to travel within a roughly 70 mile radius of there to find a place.

We know that our pets will present an obstacle for us finding a rental in the area within the time frame we need, which is why we wanted to reach out via Craigslist to see if anyone would have something that fits our needs. If you have a rental that would fit for us, please message me via email, or text at (area code) 208, three-five 7, 87-four-six. Thanks!

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