"Signature" Guitar Lessons with Chuck Escamilla (Neenah, Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh)

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I am a 1984 Berklee College of Music Graduate with a degree in music performance. I am offering private lessons at my home studio in the Town of Menasha. I have 35 years of full time experience teaching at Henri's Music in Appleton, Wisconsin. I teach all styles, levels and ages and I will customize your lessons to fit your needs and desires. Some of the top musicians from the area have also been students of mine, including Russ Reiser from the Vic Ferrari Band and Eric Peters from Boogie & the Yo-Yo's. I also have 30 years of live concert, college, and club performance experience. My live performances include being an opening act for REO Speedwagon, Charlie Daniels, The Outlaws, Spyro-Gyra, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Roomful of Blues, The David Letterman Band, Maynard Fergusen, Firefall, Foghat, Cheap Trick, Tower of Power and many other national bands. Some of the Local and Regional Bands that I was the lead guitarist include the Bill Waters Band a nationally signed band, Koriala a ten piece jazz rock band that toured the east coast, R.E.X that toured the Midwest including venues like Summerfest, Taste of Chicago, the concert-club scene in Chicago and the locally popular Haze.. Other notable accomplishments include a nationally released CD called Drunken Spyder that received national airplay. It was also included on an exclusive compilation CD for the professional recording industry titled "Raw Cuts" In addition to performance lessons I teach harmony and theory, improvising, proper technique, arranging, ear training, composition, song writing, and sight-reading. I will transcribe any song that you would like to learn and you will learn the song just like the artists performance including sound and effects. To schedule a lesson or address any questions please call me.


I am a 50-year old man, professional engineer, with virtually no prior music training or natural music talent. I have been taking guitar lessons with Chuck for about four years. I love music and have always wanted to play the guitar. Prior to working with Chuck, I had tried self-teaching and also briefly took lessons with another home-based instructor, with little success. Had I remained on that path, I probably would have quit the instrument. Since starting with Chuck, I have reached a point in my playing that I never really thought possible and this has inspired me to stick this journey out!
Chuck is a true professional and one hundred percent reliable. In the time I have been with him, he has never missed a lesson. Additionally, as a business and family man, my schedule sometimes encounters conflicts. Chuck has always been very flexible in accommodating me. It is like Chuck is on a retainer, He gives me what I need, when I need it.
Chuck is wildly passionate about guitar playing and teaching. His lessons not only focus on physically playing the guitar, but also on the art of playing, which makes practicing so much more fun and rewarding. No matter what I want to play, Chuck figures it out and provides awesome self-transcriptions of the music. His library of transcriptions is amazing. Chuck has gotten to know me so well now that I just allow him to pick our lessons. He knows what I like to play and picks songs that introduce or reinforce skills that I need to develop. He holds me and my playing to a very high standard but moves on only when I am satisfied. It all comes down to what your expectations as a player are.
As a novice, what I really value is Chuck’s patience. He never makes me feel uncomfortable when I am having difficulty with a chord or a particular song part; rather, he points out multiple ways to overcome my hurdles and lets me figure out what works best for me. It all goes back to his professionalism! But most of all, Chuck and I have a great time together playing guitar, we have a lot of laughs and have a great rapport, which always has me looking forward to my next lesson.

Thank you Chuck!
Rob Chartier
Oshkosh, WI

I was completely happy with Chuck's Guitar Studios!
I have been a guitar instructor for about 15 years and like to take guitar lessons myself every so often. Last summer I took a few months of lessons from Chuck and it was awesome. I saw his name on a guitar lesson add and recognized it from Henri's Music. He was kind enough to let me right into his studio and loaded me up with work. He recognized quickly what I could use to improve and grow my playing. He had a positive and encouraging attitude. His background is pretty cool and his knowledge is very complete. I hope to get over again to get more instruction in the future. I would recommend Chuck as a Teacher and person. He could charge 2X the amount he does and you would still be getting a great deal.
~Jesse Gyldenvand

My name is James H and I am a Software Engineer and Web Developer by trade. About two months ago I started looking for a guitar teacher that could take me to the next level. See, I was an intermediate-ish player that had reached one of those plateaus in my playing that I guess we all go through. I phone-interviewed a number of potential teachers because I've had teachers before that would simply not prepare for their time with you and I wasn't going to make that mistake again. As soon as I got off the phone with Chuck (about 60 minutes worth), I knew he was different. He was not one of those "29 minute lesson, just putting in my time" guys.

Chucks on-stage and performance credentials speak for themselves. However, the best part of working with Chuck is that he really understands (and loves) teaching and mentoring. He quickly figured out where I was at, what I could and couldn't do and what I needed for help. I had a few bad habits picked up by learning on my own. He seemed to implicitly understand how to integrate a good balance of growth stuff and fun stuff to keep things moving.

In addition, when I challenged him to help me understand some of the music theory and arrangement things he not only helped but already had materials prepared that were simple, straight-forward and practical.

Lastly, I'll mention that I sought out a teacher because I was beginning a contemporary worship team at my church. I knew the challenge would be great and I hoped it would be exactly what I needed to refine my playing as well as give me a way to my serve my Lord and my church. I also knew I needed help. Chuck instantly began to mentor me in ways that went beyond typical guitar lessons. He knew I needed confidence and comfort performing in addition to just raw skills. He knew I needed to know how to prepare and tackle songs with other guitar players. He knew I'd need to work harder than I believed I was capable of. He pushed me to put aside the excuses that kept me from achieving the next level. He gave me a clear, purposeful path that began to work on weaknesses as well as performance preparation and songs. He went above and beyond. He assisted me with anything I asked whether it was transcription, notation, theory or group leadership. I'm now about a week and a half away from our first performance and instead of feeling nerves, pressure and worry; I am feeling confident our group will begin with a level of excellence I could not have achieved without Chuck's experience and mentoring.

I am convinced that Chuck can improve your guitar playing and make it fun again, no matter what your level. Chuck -- you rock man! Iron sharpens Iron!

James H
Appleton, WI

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