Korg PA80 Professional Arranger Keyboard - $650 (New London)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Korg
model name / number: PA80
Professional Arranger with 61 Keys and Built-in Speakers. Great board in great condition. Listen to actual sample of the board. https://youtu.be/5MGdVmY_XlE?si=fvbugTDA_k9XgyNc Selling with purchased options: Dust cover Carrying case, Korg External Controller EC-5 foot pedal, VIF1 - Video Interface Board A video interface board (both NTSC and PAL compatible) is ideal for karaoke, putting the lyrics direct onto any TV screen. All options (including the Hard Disk) are user-installable. 26 extra Style Disc's with numerous styles and music genres to choose from and load into board to allow your music creativity go wild. Proven Sound Quality, and what better place to start than Triton's acclaimed HI sound generation and effect processing? So you know it delivers stunning sound quality and features a broad selection of great natural and synthetic sounds to inspire you. They added a new class of ultra-realistic solo instruments, which include sampled natural vibrato, including Sax, Trumpet, Harmonica, Violin, Flute, and more. Finally, Korg added a set of Drawbar sounds for a true simulation of the classic organ sound. All Programs can be edited on-the-fly, using the Easy Program Edit functions, by changing Attack, Decay, Release, LFO, Filter Cutoff, and Resonance parameters. Any change will be stored into a Performance, for fast recall of the new Programs. The PA-80 includes 4 powerful Master Effect processors, including all of Triton's studio-level Master Effects for a total of 90 different effects. You can use them for a Song, or split them in 2 sections, to assign 2 of them to the real-time tracks, and the remaining 2 to the Style tracks. You can even route 2 different external audio sources into the internal Effect Processors to mix them into your Song or live performance. Since each audio input has a different Gain control, you can connect a microphone and a guitar at the same time, each with its own set of effects. As well as being a professional Korg synthesizer, the PA-80 provides a huge collection of music styles created by top musicians from around the world. Korg has received considerable acclaim for the natural performance of their accompaniment system, and for the most advanced chord recognition in the industry. With 152 editable Preload Styles and 48 User Styles the PA-80 can cover any situation you'll ever encounter. With 4 Variations, 2 Fills, 2 Intros, and 2 Endings you have all the variety to create a natural-sounding performance. Dual Sequencer The PA-80 further revolutionizes sequencing with its XDS Dual Sequencer Engine (patent pending). This new innovation allows the user to playback 2 independent sequences at the same time, with individual transport control for each sequence and a crossfader to switch between them. That's a total of 40 tracks of sequence playback power - two 16-track sequences plus 4 real-time tracks and 4 Pad tracks. Use it to create your own mixes drawn from more than one sequence, or to create long medleys of tunes with nice overlaps between songs. The PA-80 features a powerful multitasking operating system which allows you to load a new Style while one is playing, load a new Program while a Song is playing, even edit sounds or Global parameters while listening to your song ideas. This makes working with it a fluid process - the technology never gets in the way of your creativity. Play data directly from floppy disk or optional internal hard drive, and use optional PCMCIA Flash-ROM cards to add more sounds, samples, grooves, and styles to your world with no load time. And the Operating System can easily be updated, so expect some exciting new functions already planned for the near future. Other optional gear that can be purchased and added to the board is VHG1 - Vocal/Guitar Processor Board. Hardware options include a vocal/guitar board that gives you 2 totally separate effect processors. In Guitar mode you have a complete set of multi-effects, e.g. modulation, noise reduction, distortion, and compression, plus equalization and you can use up to 5 effects simultaneously. The vocal processor includes a harmonizer that turns a single vocal into a 4-part harmony, plus offers you effects and equalization.

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