Bonded pair of Hedgehogs (Brownsville)

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I am rehoming a BONDED pair of hedgehogs.

Pigmy Hedgehogs
Age: 2 years & 4 months
Gender: Females
Diet: high protein cat/kitten kibble mix
Includes: travel cage, 2-wheels, 2-snuggle sacks, food, bag of dried bugs snacks, food dish, water bottle

Hedgehogs require a lot of handling/socializing, high protein diets and special heat requirements(as they have little fur). Baby has a naturally curious personality and loves to be on the move. She is still a "baby", so she will need to continue to be constantly handled. Adult is super sweet but has a little more shy personality but is very active and loves to run around. They are nocturnal and like to run on their wheels at night. So if you cannot handle or accommodate, then she may not be the pet for you. She was kept in a temperature regulated area in our home, if you do not have that, you would need to get her a heat lamp, to make sure she stays warm. Please do your research before considering her as a pet. I have no problem giving any info, I still prefer to know people have an idea of what they are getting into. I am looking to place them in a loving forever home, not just to someone looking to use her as a breeder. Be prepared to share your vet reference, proof of proper cage set up and be willing to sign papers stating that you are not using them for breeding, feeding and you will provide proper vet care if/when needed, as well as keep them together. if you are interested in becoming their new owner contact via Email or TEXT only ... show contact info

$350.... Firm

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