ISO country land to retire on, U a farmer? Work the land until then! (Wherever)

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This is not a scam. I am a man with a dream, hoping to acheive it.

I do not know if this will work, but I am going to try.

I am looking to possibly purchase a large piece of country land, that I will not be doing anything with for the next 12-17 years, at which time I can retire on and start building my retirement house if there isn't already a house built on it. I am looking to purchase it at a very reasonably low price. I am not wealthy, but I am responsible and financially secure.. I can explain more details regarding my financial background later if any interested parties want to reach out...I am hoping to find an owner, who can enter a good faith contract with me which will allow me to make payments directly to them with no banks involved if possible.

Within the next year, I will be looking to take out a home loan to purchase a house. I am hoping to find additional land that I can purchase and pay off over the next 13-18 years, at which time, I plan to sell said house and use those funds to purchase a 5th wheel camper and truck and travel for a year. After that, I plan to roll up onto this land, park the trailer and start occupying and building.

I was informed that this might be a great deal to make with a farmer, who could sell me their farming land cheap, but in return, still be allowed to work and maintain the land up until the time that I retire in those 12-17 years and keep all money made from working that land. If you aren't a farmer and just have land for storage purposes (etc.) I am ok with that as well.

I am ultimately looking for around 5 acres with enough trees where I can eventually build a house in the middle to create the illusion of a secluded wooded home site, with views of nature and animals. If I can find that, that would be ideal!. If there is a creek or lake on the property or accessible nearby, even better!

I live in Wisconsin, so if I can find land here, great! However, I am not against the idea of moving out of state.

This is my ultimate retirement goal. Is there anyone out there who is able to help me obtain it?
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